Catalog of Works

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Works List by Genre – In Reverse Chronological Order

(revised 15-VIII-2014)

Jesu Redemptor omnium SATB a cappella 2014
Introit SATB, optional organ 2014
Cantemus in omni die SATB a cappella 2014
Let Us Remember SATB, piano, violin 2012
Mass of the Mediatrix Cantor, SATB, organ/piano, 2 C inst. 2011
O Pray For the Peace of Jerusalem SATB, optional organ 2010
Prayer of Humble Access SATB, organ 2010
Did You Not Know? SATB, clarinet, piano 2009
Sing The Lord A New Song SATB, brass quintet, piano/organ 2008
O factura Dei SATB, piano 2008
In All Things SATB, violin, piano 2008
Psalm 11 (responsorial) SATB, soloist, keyboard 2008
Corde natus ex parentis SSB with piano or organ 2007
Corpus Christi Carol SATB, opt S solo, opt organ 2007
Missa Alma Mater SATB, keyboard, flute 2005
Psalm 63 (responsorial) SATB, soloist, keyboard, flute 2005
Spirit, Ever Sacred, Come! SATB, brass quartet, organ 2005
The Nativity (cantata) SATB, SAT soli, flute, organ 2004
How Can I Keep From Singing? TTBB, piano 2004
Shout For Joy SATB, piano 2003
An Irish Benediction SATB a cappella 2002
Cantate Domino SATB a cappella 2002
The Power of Grace SATB, piano 2002
Alma Mater (Saint Mary's University) SATB or TTBB a cappella 2001
Your Hand, O God, Has Guided SATB, organ, opt. trumpet 2000
As Steadily the Sun Ascends SATB, trumpet, organ 1999
In This Place SATB, piano, flute 1999

Ecce sacerdos

SATB, piano 1998
I Need Thee, Precious Jesus SATB, piano, flute 1997
Te Deum SATB, S solo, chamber orchestra 1997
Virgin-born, We Bow Before Thee SATB, piano, flute 1996
Three Marian Motets SSA a cappella 1995
Ave Maria
Salve Regina
Regina coeli
Children of the Heavenly Father SATB, piano, flute 1994
Kyrie 3-part indeterminate choir 1994
Coronation Anthem SATB, brass quintet 1993
Take Unto You SATB, T solo, organ 1992
Steal Away SATB a cappella 1990
The Coming of the Spirit speech choir, narrator, organ, synthesizer 1990
Watch for the Lord SATB, organ 1989
Crucifixus SSA, oboe, viola, cello 1989
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus 2-part mixed choir, organ 1989
Two Lenten Prayers SATB a cappella
Remember Not, Lord, Our Offenses
Thou Knowest, Lord
O Dearest Jesu 2-part mixed choir, organ, viola 1987
A Prayer of St. Francis SATB a cappella 1987
Unlock Your Heart SATB, piano, violin 2014
Nocte fletuum angelis SATB a cappella 2013
Tre madrigali amorosi SATB, violin 2013
Felice primavera
Dispietata pietate
Ardi o gela
Gravity Defied SATB, violin, cello 2011
I Love Thee SATB, piano 2011
Sentences From The Tao (six movements) SATB, vibraphone 2009
Due Sonetti di Petrarca SATB 2009
Pace non trovo
Benedetto sia 'l giorno
Sand Castle SATB, piano, oboe 2008
A Friendship Dies SAB, piano, flute 2007
Drei Rilkegesänge SATB a cappella 2007
(texts by Rainer Maria Rilke)
Aus einem April
When We Met SATB, S solo, cello 2006
Three Newfoundland Folksongs SATB, SB soli, piano 2006
Wave Over Wave (Jim Payne)
She's Like the Swallow
We'll Rant and We'll Roar
Monster SATB, piano, percussion 2004
Sei Nacht zu mir SATB a cappella 2004
Sei Nacht zu mir
Hierher führte uns
Zwischen uns ist bekommen
Deine Stimme
Jamaica SATB, marimba 2002
World of Wonder SATB, piano, glockenspiel 2001
Freedom River (3 movements) SATB, oboe 1999
Anam SATB a cappella 1998
Three Madrigals from Vision Quest SATB a cappella 1991
I Am Working the Ground
Slender Tethered Reed
O Singing
Vezzosi augelli S, T(or S), piano, flute 2012
The Dispossessed (song cycle) baritone, uilleann pipes, flute, cello 2009
I. River of Memory
II. Eire
III. Germania
IV. Dakota
V. Polska
VI. Hmong
VII. River of Memory II
Alot Like Now Soprano/Mezzo duet, flute, piano 2005
Angel of God Baritone, piano 2004
Fairy-Land Soprano, horn, piano 2004
Love Walk Tenor, piano 1997
Bell Tower Soprano, piano 1993
(see also the cantata Nativity and Te Deum)
Elements piano 2004
I. Earth
II. Air
III. Water
IV. Fire
Et in arcadia ego piano 1994
Wedding Music organ 1994
I. Processional
II. Recessional
Desmond Processional organ 1993
Chaconne piano 1989
Poltergeist flute, percussion 2013
Sonata Piccola (2 movements) violin, piano 2002
Bean Sí unaccompanied flute 1999
High Honours trumpet, organ 1998
Sea Changes 4 winds, ground bass, percussion 1996
Meditation and Dance oboe, piano 1992
Prelude and Fugue for Brass 2 trumpets, 2 trombones 1989
The Violin of Passing Time incidental music, electronic 1998