Swirly Music, Inc. has been selected as the print distributor for my music. A few other works are distributed free or in exchange for a voluntary contribution (see below). The following links will take you directly to the information page for the work listed. If you find a work listed in my catalog that is not listed here, please contact me for a sample score and availability information.

Published Works


Introit (SATB, optional Organ, POA-001)

Cantemus in omni die (SATB div., S solo, a cappella, POA-002)

Shout For Joy (SATB, piano, POA-003)

Nocte fletuum angelis (SATB, a cappella, POA-004)

O Pray For the Peace of Jerusalem (SATB, optional organ, POA-005)

Tre Madrigali Amorosi - SATB choir and Violin:

1. Felice Primavera (POA-007)
2. Dispietata Pietate (POA-008)
3. Ardi o Gela (POA-009)



Sonata Piccola (Violin and Piano, POA-006)


Conditions of Use for Free Scores

Unless "sample" is indicated, these are complete scores provided as Adobe PDF files. Reproduction for individual study and use is welcomed. Reproduction of scores in quantity for school, church and non-profit organizations is authorized. A voluntary contribution of $1.00 per score is requested, payable by online donation (see the bottom of this page) or by check or money order to the composer. Copies of programs of public performances are requested and much appreciated.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files.